Why Herbal Body Care?


In herbalism there are many ways to administer herbs to the body for healing, revitalization of body systems, & care. One that many of us are familiar with is orally through teas or what's known as herbal infusions. Tea allows water to extract beneficial properties from the herbs and makes all those nutrients available to the body as medicine.  
 Have you ever given a few drops of chamomile tea to a colicky baby or an irritable child with a belly ache? Or have you ever chewed on a peppermint leaf when you were nauseous allowing your saliva to work as a solvent extracting the soothing effects of the plant? If so, you know first exactly how potent, helpful, and immediately effective herbal infusions can be.
In this way herbal oils, honeys, & toners are like tea for the skin. Just as herbs are internally healing and balancing-so to is it with topical application of herbs, thanks to absorption. The skin-our bodies largest organ, creates perspiration to regulate body temperature, protects our inner ecology from the outer elements, absorbs sunlight and creates vitamin D, and absorbs everything else we put onto our skin.
This means too, that the toxic unrecognizable ingredients on the back of the body wash/toothpaste/lotion/etc.. from the grocer/department store is being absorbed directly into your bloodstream and deeper into the tissues of the body.  
Much research has been done to bring awareness to the carcinogenic effects of many ingredients used in modern skin/body care- even when the brands use wording like "Natural" or "Organic". It's always a good idea to read the labels of the food/products you plan to use often because some toxins accumulate over time creating everything from hormonal balances to cell health interference.
Herbal body care acknowledges that beauty is an inside job. When you use a body butter infused with a potent local calendula flower extract you receive the moisturizing and skin soothing effects of the butter and the beautiful solar energy of the flower gently increasing the flow in your lymphatic system and nurturing breast/chest tissues encouraging skin cell turnover and thus your own sunfilled glow. 
This is why we make our products free of harmful additives and synthetic fragrances. Herbal body care is so much more than skin care and yet it is one of the most empowering, rewarding, and nourishing ways to care for your skin & nourish your life.

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