Chop Wood Carry Water

It's that time of year when our New Year zeal for resolutions begin to wane. Right around the time of year where the winter blues begin to catch up with many of us and that extra serving of hot wings, ice cream, or pizza start to once again have more appeal than a gym membership or any plant based or clean eating aspirations. I get it, which is why I haven't made New Year resolutions in over a decade.

It's easy to fall into the get rich, get skinny, get a booty, get "insert your insecurity created for you by capitalism here" quick scheme, but what I want to talk to you about is getting well. 

"Chop wood carry water", is a Zen proverb that tells us that the reward is in the work, it's in the process, it's in the practice of being. The go hard or go home way of living when it comes to goal setting is costing us our joy, our rest, and ultimately our wellbeing. I'd like to contribute to deadin' that in 2023 and beyond and offer this reminder that it does count when you take those steady, "slow", steps toward wellness. 

Things like switching out table salt for real Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. Spending 5-10 minutes in silence thinking only of what you're grateful for. Slowly stretching your body in the morning before checking e-mail or social media. Spending more  time walking, standing, and sitting on the floor. Floor Sitting is beneficial because it's basically an abdominal, glute, and leg workout. Drinking adequate water in addition to your daily coffee or soda rather than trying to quit cold turkey. Eating more fruits and vegetables daily because your diet isn't quite where you want it to be.

Instead of punishing ourselves with increased apathy for not becoming chiseled vegan millionaires overnight, let's reward our daily living with more balance, increased hydration, and the many small actions that lead to a transformed life.

Gentle tips to advocate for your best self everyday

- Drink water (infuse with lemons or oranges a sprinkle of sea salt for even wetter hydration and enhanced flavor)

- Invest in a quality salt that will bring minerals to your body with every meal. Real salt is cellular health advocacy work. 

- You don't have to be vegan to eat fruits and vegetables. You don't have to be vegan to be healthy. Fruits and vegetables are for every body. Don't punish yourself for eating "poorly". Reward yourself with fruits or veggies as snacks and sides. 

Get outside. Even if its 10 minutes a day walking briskly. Let me know in the comments how this one affects your mood after you try it. 

Read a paragraph, page, or chapter each day from a book you've been wanting to finish for the past 2 years. 

Chop wood, carry water. By exercising your will in this way habitually your physical, mental, and emotional terrain will be transformed. A transformed terrain makes us less hospitable to the things that weigh us down.

Do the things little by little and let the process, the work, the doing transform you on a cellular, neural, and spiritual level. 

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