Water is Beauty

Water is life. Water is a receptor. A universal solvent. Water listens & believes. & you and me- we are water. The structured water inside of you that makes up potentially 70%+ of the body is a receptor and a major key when it comes to manifestation, healing, & personal transformation. 

The receptor.

There have been various studies where scientists have taken glasses, petri dishes, vats, etc..of water and imposed a word/thought that made an impression that was mirrored back by the water. You can find these studies by checking out the work of Dr. Mona Harrison, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. George Pollack, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Carly Nuday, and many others.

What this tells us about the structured water contained in each cell of our own bodies and the extracellular fluid moving through carrying nutrients and removing waste is that just as words and thoughts can create an impression on water in a petri dish, so to can it leave an impression on every cell in the human body.

So when we tell ourselves we are amazing and we are beautiful and capable and everything going to be ok- our bodies are responding with belief. The same thing happens when we tell ourselves we can't do it, and our bodies are not beautiful, and that things aren't going to be ok- our body responds with belief.


This is the power of the mind to create the reality we truly desire. Whether that's healthy & beautiful skin or a more fulfilling career, or the confidence to wear that dress or knowing that everything will be ok. We are essentially vehicles of structured water & Light. Whatever it is we think & say, we bless and activate by making impressions on our bodies of water every day. 

The solvent.

Water is a powerful solvent. This is a part of what makes drinking pure mineral rich water so healing and beneficial (and drinking copious amounts of distilled water so potentially harmful)- especially in the western world where our diets are very *dry". Imagine giving a body that should be at least 70% water 3 meals a day of refined bread, fried foods, refined pasta, burgers, steaks, chips, cookies, & white rice with maybe 2 or 3 cups of actual water (maaaybe) being drunk each day. 

When we are chronically dehydrated hardening/calcification of organs is happening. Toxins are accumulating. The blood pressure/volume is losing its harmony and finely tuned balance. Waste matter is hardening and sticking to the walls of the colon re-toxifying the entire system in a near endless cycle. Our thoughts become unclear/foggy, erratic, angry, or unexplainably sad. Our skin begins working as a final excretory route for toxins and we begin to notice rashes, dullness, boils, pus, acne, pimples, etc...seeping from the skin.  This is the burden of chronic dehydration. 

A diet rich in watery foods, & mineral rich drinking water begins to soften calcifications and flush accumulated toxins. Thoughtful intake of water and watery foods each day begins to clear the mind, and balance the distribution of fluids in the bloodstream helping to regulate blood volume/pressure. Our skin begins to reflect the harmony of our inner world. This is the beauty and power of pure water and water rich foods like cucumbers, avocados, blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, squash, leafy greens, tomatoes, and more.

Drink + eat water/watery foods for healthy skin sure, but also so that you can optimize your experience of life on Earth. Speak to yourself with reverence and love so that you can optimize every moment of life on Earth. Around here the saying is, "Nourish your skin, Nourish your life", and its true, but I promise you that if you nourish your life your skin will reflect that bounty.  



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