Daily Bread

It is with gratitude that we erase the distance from *here to there*.

A lot of time is spent painstakingly longing for the next big thing. The new job, the new house, the ideal mate, etc. Now listen ---make those vision boards, write the sticky notes on the wall, dream big/imagine & then simply allow. Allowing is really aligning and that's where the true magic takes place. When we hyper-focus on the things we want we subconsciously affirm that they are out of reach & we get caught in a perpetual cycle of pushing them away. 

But fam, when we get with ourselves in the present moment with breath awareness, with gratefulness for how far we've come & for the opportunity to show up everyday perfecting spirit in the physical world, we create an opening in ourselves for more things to be grateful for.  Not necessarily material "things", but EVERYthing. 

I'm sure you've already heard this, but have you done it though? Do you make it a practice to nourish yourself and your life in the present? Do you take account daily of all the things you have to be grateful for. Do you allow that gratitude to fill your cup? Do you allow that overflow to water the garden of your life?

Growing up in church there was a song we sang that said count it ALL joy. 

You can't count it all joy unless you trust the plan for your life. You can't count it all joy until you begin to consider how vast the universe is and how your every thought and belief interplays with everything in and around you. That's when we start to feel empowered, capable, connected & abundant. 

There will be tests. The tests might be racism, sexism, illness, a sense of financial insecurity, & constant catastrophe in the world. The tests might show up as feelings of loneliness or a sense of being unloved/unlovable. The tests might attempt to lure you into a state of hopelessness and despair. 

There are many paths out of despair. The path that I'm sharing with you here is gratitude. Gratitude is a game changer. It's more than some new age talk, unless all you do is talk about it. Gratitude in practice makes room for abundance, for increase. Gratitude grants peace inspite of. Gratitude in practice says yes. There may be tests but gratitude gives a higher perspective, challenges our funky moods, & gives us an opportunity to master them.

I am grateful. I am grateful for the seasons of this life. I am grateful for the tests that offer an opportunity for "soul" advancement. I am grateful for the elders that light the way. I am grateful for the ancestral realm. I am grateful for community. I am grateful to be able to play with and learn from the plant world.  I am grateful for every cell in my body. I am grateful for the opportunity to create this life.

What are you grateful for? Even if you can only name one thing. Name it! Name it every hour and let it grow into more gratefulness until that gratefulness becomes your increase.

Joy & increase truly are on the other side of gratitude. 



  • Confirming what is true! The things that I am grateful for flow in abundance when I let the universe flow, no interruptions all trust. Thank you for this jewel!

  • Thank you. This speaks to my soul♥️

    Syid Powell

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