Nourish Your Skin. Nourish Your Life.

Adaornment is reclamation on behalf of all our GRANDmothers who carried the kitchen healing of foremothers into our hearts. Those who covered us in clay when we were ill & gave us shots of castor oil when the chill came in autumn. 

These elixirs, tonics, whipped butters & balms are as much for your Spirit as they are for your skin. Use them in ritual, cover & hold yourself as ceremony, remember that you are sacred. Remember that you are whole already. 

Remember that you have power to heal, nourish, & enrich your entire bloodline.

Spirit. Mind. Body.

Mama Earth is the Source.

Our organic botanicals are mindfully sourced to provide the optimum quality & potency. It's more than moisturizing the skin- its celebrating yourself, holding yourself with care, while nourishing the skin & what lies beneath.

My scalp & Roots Thank You. Check out House of Adaornment, Queen doesn't play around #Alfalfarootsoil.


Oshun Balm is honestly blowing my mind. Full body slather post magnesium bath is the simple winter ritual I've been performing daily. If you invest in anything this season- make it this.


Thankyou!! Loving all of your products. Used one on my back and immediate natural relief!